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Adding an extra folder or directory to your mail in an Android phone.
Yes there are apps you can install on your Android phone that allow you to do this but this howto? is for those of you who have your own domain name and use cpanel control center.
Your Android phone will only show you the mail? directories or folders that exist on your mail account so to add one to your Android phone proceed as follows:
Login to to cpanel control center and in the "Files"? section select "File Manager" then navigate to the root directory ( above /public_html).
Scroll down till you see the Mail directory with the envelope icon and click or double click to open it up.
Again scroll down to you see a directory with your domain name ( example ) and click to open it.
You will now see a list of email accounts you have already created, like tom or sue or support or sales, open up the directory name you wish to add a folder/directory to your phone.
Here you will see some directory names that begin with a dot. Example: .drafts? .junk? .sent
To create the folder look up on the tool bar and on the far left? select "New Folder" give the folder a name beginning with a dot, Example .important
Save and exit. If you then open up your Android phone you should see in the mail section you have a new folder with your choosen name where you can move mail to.

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