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Here we have listed some basic but essential yum commands to run on vps servers.

Yum update - (Updates your server)

Yum update -y - (Updates the server and answers yes to everything for download/install)

Yum install httpd - (Installs apache)

Yum install mlocate - (Installs the file locator) To run a search query use the command "locate filename.extension"

Yum --help - (Brings the list of commands you can use in yum)

Yum search filename - (This will search the database for the package you wish to find/install)

Yum list all - (This will list all the packages available to you using yum)

Yum list installed - (This will list all packages you have installed using yum)

Yum info mysql - (This will find out information on an installed package)

Yum clean - (This command will clean the cache left from yum when installing and package)


As we say, this is a few basic commands for yum, hope this helps!


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